Effect Of Childcare On A Child 's Development Essay

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Effective parenting is essential to a child 's development. In fact, lack thereof affects their overall perceptions making it difficult for them to integrate with other people. As such, it is imperative for parents to ensure that their children have access to the parental care and attention they need in their development. However, in the case of a divorce or the absence of one parent, single-parentage, the complexities of raising the child and fulfilling a parent 's responsibilities are heightened. According to Hetherington (2014), children nurtured in single parent families or those undergoing divorce operations have a hard time coming to terms with the realities of the absence of one parent. In most cases, they develop resentment towards the absent parent. This fosters the development of a negative association mentality that makes it challenging for the children to grow up normally. However, optimism and inspiration are nurtured among other children as they appreciate the efforts undertaken by the single parents to provide for their needs. This paper evaluates the impacts of childcare and parentage in divorce and single-parent families. For a fact, divorce and single parentage have positive and detrimental effects on the parent and the developing child.
Impacts on the sense of responsibility
Single and divorced parents tend to have a greater sense of responsibility. This is mainly attributed to the fact that the single parent feels compelled to own all the…

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