Effect Of Change Blindness On Other World 3 D Interactions Essay

1137 Words May 8th, 2015 null Page
In the introduction the authors state that the aim of their study is to investigate if change blindness has an impact on detecting changes to others in real world 3-D interactions. The study also further delves into whether the social group of the participants has an additional impact on the participants ability to detect changes during interactions. Both aims are both discussed in the introduction where it is defined that 2 separate experiments are performed to obtain the results.

The introduction of the article states that recently there has been much research on how participants fail to detect visual changes in 2-D images or films. The authors reference several studies that have researched into change blindness in people when shown a photograph (Blackmore, Brelstaff, Nelson & Troscianko, 1995; Grimes,1996; etc). These studies and many others have shown that when eye movement occurs or a blank screen is shown that participants could not detect changes in the 2-D environment suggesting that people do not preserve high levels of detail of a scene which the authors have also referenced studies to (Bridgeman & Mayer, 1983, etc). The authors then continue to argue that film is not an accurate representation of the real world as it is still a visual experience that people view passively and cinematic techniques interrupt a person’s ability to retain visual details. Thus the authors state that previous studies do not accurately assess whether people are able to detect changes…

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