Effect Of A Student While Getting An Education Essay

1440 Words Mar 4th, 2016 6 Pages
For hundreds of years, students all around the world have been affected by the education they receive. School has always affected lives of students throughout the world. Mankind has been learning new things ever since Adam And Eve were on this earth. Education is not necessarily forced down on students but it is in their favor to learn to be more successful in society. There are benefits for both sides of the argument. One can be hurt by both sides also. The impact of these effects may vary, and some have a longer effect and some others fade away. These effects can hurt people not just the student, but also those around the student. The argument that will be debated in this paper will be about the effects that are brought upon a student while getting an education. The effects can vary from hurting others close to you, getting a better job because of your education or being more respected by others. Some schools expect a lot out of their students (mostly private schools have the expectation). “They will have a love of learning and desire to continue to grow intellectually” (Handbook 1). Private schools have a higher expectation for their students because they are selected or drafted into the school. Public schools have been known for lower scores on tests than private schools. But in reality, there are some public schools that outperform private schools in tests. “Public school teachers are subject to more stringent certification regulations and more frequent…

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