Effect Of A Police Officer Essay

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The image of a police officer is shown to be very strong morally and mentally but in reality, policing actually has significant effects on the officer’s personal life. Effects on police officers have not been focused on until recently with all the studies, but all of these effects have later described have been involved and have been a part of daily stresses since the beginning of policing. The work life of a police officer effects officers like having to deal with stressful situations, effects on their family, and the perception of the public.

Firstly, many people don’t see what the daily police officer has to deal with. But in reality Police officers have to deal with a great amount of stressful situations on a day to day basis like having to attend and see a fatal, a lot of paper work, and threats towards the officers self and or family. In the line of policing, every officer has to deal with fatal which unfortunately happens on a common occurrence as they are first responders which may cause the officer to deal with flashbacks, smell of death recollection, and other chronic stressors. (Haines, C. 2003) Police officers have to constantly deal with negativity around them which causes chronic stress which affects the police officer in many ways which often is brought back to his or her family, also as it was earlier stated it can cause problems with the spouse and add extra stress. In the everyday life of a police officer there is a ton of paper work and if there is a…

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