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Equal Employment Opportunity and Discrimination By BUS335 Professor Richard Primo

Have you ever been discriminated against on your job? Were you denied a right because of sex or race? Well today may your lucky day, in this paper I will be talking about an organization that helps people to fight against discrimination. This organization is abbreviated as EEO and it stands for Equal Employment Opportunity. Equal Employment Opportunity means that everyone will have a fair chance at obtaining jobs, benefits and services regardless if they are the employee or prospective employee of a company.
Equal Employment Opportunity is set up to make sure that companies are fair in all areas of
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The one I will be discussing is The Equal Pay Act. One of the legislations that The Equal Employment Opportunity deals with is The Equal Pay Act of 1963. This Act ensures that all men and women are treated equally when it comes to wages. Men and Women who are working under the same conditions in the same workplace are to be treated fairly based upon their seniority, merits, and quantity or quality of work. For so many years women have not been given an equal opportunity to make the same type of money that men have been able to make. A man and a woman can have the same job and each one will be paid differently. This form of discrimination is so hard to detect because often times people do not discuss there salaries which makes it much more difficult to know if you are being paid fairly in comparison to your counterparts. Prior to the 1960’s newspapers would publish separate job listings for men and women. The jobs were categorized according to sex, with the higher paid jobs listed under the help wanted section for men. In some instances the same ad was ran for a woman with a significant pay cut. Between 1950 and 1960 women earned about 15-20 cents less than their male coworkers for the same job performance. Once the Equal Pay Act was passed it became illegal for employers to pay women less because of there sex. There were several cases that have been presented in court to further protect individuals from

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