Essay on Edwardsville High School Is The Highest School

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“Edwardsville High School is the premier high school in the state of Illinois” was blasted through the intercom everyday, but it never felt that way. The premier high school means that students get the best education and come out as critical thinkers and ready for college, while Edwardsville High School did have an impressive record a lot of it was due to their method of teaching, namely, “banking” for their required classes. Sadly, these required classes were rushed and intentionally easy to pass in order to beef up the school’s reputation. On the other hand, since Edwardsville High School was a large school one could find their own academic niche, which provided a more “problem posing” environment. Edwardsville High School is making active tries to be more problem posing through electives, but the required class use the “banking” system, because these classes had a strict and rushed curriculum.
There are two types of classes in Edwardsville High School: required and electives; required classes utilized the “banking” system while the electives used “problem posing”. The required classes offer a dull experience that all the students have to go through. They are heavy in lectures and usually pass by relatively fast as most of them are one semester, but they are required classes, holding important information mandated by the district. So they hold value, but , the school fails to realize the real world value of these classes, and if they give a sub par teaching the…

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