Edwards The Use Of Diaspora Analysis

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Register to read the introduction… Edward begins to back up his argument, by saying, “The use of diaspora emerges directly out of the growing scholarly interest in the Pan-Africanism movement in particular, and in black internationalism in general, that began to develop in the 1950’s” (9). Pan- Africanism generally “arises as a discourse of internationalism aimed generally at the cultural and political coordination of the interest of peoples of African descent around the world”( 9). According to Edwards, he claims “ Du Bois would go as far as to claim that the motivations of Pan-Africanism” are for the benefit of African American. Edwards systematically mentions further in his essay scholars like George Shepperson to challenge Du Bois’s understanding of Pan-Africanism. Edward mentions how Shepperson finds it “necessary to study Pan-Africanism and pan-Africanism in a wider African context than the specifically West African, it is of equal importance to look at it in its full international perspective, in time as well [as] in space”(13). Shepperson’s claim in this previous statement invites scholars to not become hung up on one definition for the terms like Pan-Africanism but to contest and be open to other definitions of the word based on the “ time and space” in which the word is …show more content…
Similarly scholars such as George Shepperson who is immersed in the histography of the term African diaspora, which to a certain extent it’s good to have researched the general history of the word for clarification of the term. In addition, Edwards mentions how in Shepperson’s essay, “The African Abroad or the African Diaspora”, Shepperson “is rather schematic [with the] elaboration of the uses of “diaspora” in a re-visioning of African histography; it moves by list-making, by enumerating the objects of study that might fall under the rubric of ‘African abroad’” and in this Edwards claims how Shepperson usage of the term, is “considerably extended” (13). Edwards successfully excavates through the argument that Shepperson makes throughout the essay and gives a solid understanding of the scholars

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