Edward Snowden 's Revelations On The United States Essay

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After the September 11th terrorist attacks shocked the nation, an itching, persistent question remained under the tip of Americans ' tongues: how does the government create protect our securities? In the same fashion, Edward Snowden 's revelations on the NSA 's arguably unconstitutional actions caused Americans to ask: how does the government protect our liberties? Fortunately, the founding fathers foresaw periods of turmoil and addressed the balance between liberty through the Bill of Rights and Federalist Papers. They established a foundation for a government that protects the best interest of the majority without interfering with their natural rights of life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. It is debated that liberty and security can only exist with the relinquishment of the other; however, the creation of a republican form of government with limited government and a system of checks and balances equilibrizes freedom and security.

A republic government allows government to control factions as well as protect the natural, inalienable rights of the governed. The constitution created the basis for a republic, where elected officials would represent the governed and make decisions, as opposed to a direct democracy. In Federalist 10, James Madison observes that factions are inevitable nuances in society and government can either 1) eliminate them by eliminating the inalienable liberties given at birth or 2) control the factions. As a result, Madison advocates the…

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