Essay on Edward Snowden and the NSA Leaks

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Edward Snowden and the NSA Leaks
Part 1: Objective Summary On June 6th of 2013 The Guardian reported on a classified U.S. surveillance network called PRISM. This information was given to them by former Booz Allen Hamilton employee Edward Snowden. Snowden obtained this information by secretly gathering files and documents regarding the program and others while working for the government contracted Booz Allen Hamilton in Hawaii.
On May 20 2013, Snowden had traveled to Hong Kong to meet with Glenn Greenwald and Laura Poitras, journalists for The Guardian, in order to turn over NSA documents revealing various U.S. surveillance programs and tactics that are used on their citizens and on citizens in other countries. Snowden had also given
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The government knew they would face too much controversy to overcome if they would have announced all they were doing to the public. Snowden as a cause of his treasonous actions has essentially compromised the entire United States data collection effort. Snowden also put hundreds of people in the Middle East living among terrorist organizations lives in jeopardy, and that is something that cannot be forgiven. Snowden should not be killed, but should certainly spend the remainder of his life imprisoned.

The biggest argument against Snowden is that he has essentially compromised the entire US data collection program, angering allies and citizens. The only way this sort of data collection can work is if no one knows about it other than the government. Now the terrorists and criminals that were found using these data collection methods will find alternate communication methods which will make it that much harder for the United States to find them. It was also revealed the US surveillance upon foreign countries and allies, tarnishing the United States' foreign relations. There is so much more harm than good that came out of Snowden leaking this information that the United States should have no choice other than to punish Snowden. He did not understand that the NSA and the US had no choice other than to conduct this surveillance without the citizens of the United States permitting it,

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