Edward Scissorhands Theme

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About twenty-seven years ago, Johnny Depp played the main role in one of the most critically acclaimed movies of the 20th century. Edward Scissorhands is a film directed by Tim Burton. It is a story about an artificial man named Edward-an unfinished creation who has scissors for hands. The main themes behind the film deal with self-discovery and isolation. Tim Burton uses a point-of-view shot which pans from the grandmother’s house and sweeps over the cookie cutter suburbs, ending with a new point of view from the mansion looking down at the town. This provides the audience with a sense of geography as well as the major difference between the bright colors of suburbia and Edward’s dark mansion.
During the movie the director quickly establishes the disconnection between Edward and ‘normality’ when Peg Boggs looks at the castle through her car side mirror; the long-shot emphasizes the sense of unreality and illusion. The camera angle changes when she gets to the mansion as the long wide-angled shot shows the relative size of the character and setting. Edward is presented to the viewers in a long-shot which then shifts to a medium close-up of his
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“Tim had always been a fan of classic horror movies,” Welch said. “He watched them religiously as a child, and knows everything about them. That’s the point of reference. That’s his world.” This quote shows that horror films greatly influenced the movie and how he wanted Edward portrayed. Drawing has also been a significant part of Tim Burton’s life. He expresses it as a need and a way to communicate his feelings and ideas. Caroline Thompson, the film’s screenwriter, said during an interview, “One night over drinks, Tim told me about this drawing he had made in high school of a character who had scissors for hands, and I instantly knew what to do with that image.” This shows that even a simple doodle can become something

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