Edward Koch Death And Justice Analysis

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In Edward Koch’s essay “Death and Justice” published in the New Republic in 1985, he explains the arguments in support of the death penalty as a consequence of “heinous crimes of murder” As long as the death penalty has been around for criminals pleading guilty for murder in the first degree, the argument against it has always followed. The perception that it is “inhumane and cruel to humans” is a usual opposing argument that is heard from many that find this punishment unacceptable. While there are many people that oppose this kind of justice, others have found it to be a just and fair way for the law to follow through with when pertaining to those who have committed murder in the first degree. Authors such as Koch have written in support of the penalty as a form of punishment for the justice system. His article “Death and Justice” along with several other articles he would write, spread a vast amount of reason and support for the penalty while letting the public read a side of the death penalty that was not

usually seen through other writers’ works.Despite all the counter arguments that the death penalty was “barbaric” and should not be used, Koch (1985) disagreed and argued that the death penalty should be used and a fully supported policy by the justice system.

Throughout the article, Koch (1985)
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Koch uses many life examples and cases within the text to be an eye­opener for viewers to gain an insight into his reasoning, Using his style of writing and attacking each of the top arguments against the penalty is quite effective, He targets each of the points and is able to explain that each of them come with their own flaws. Koch stands firm to defend the victims who lost their lives to killers. This article is a small patron to each life lost, and is a beacon to keep the death penalty alive and running to put an end to the life of a cold­blooded

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