Edvard Munch And Frida Kahlo Analysis

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Year 10 Comparative Essay

Expressionist artists such as Edvard Munch and Frida Kahlo create artworks as a therapeutic method to conceal their despondency. Memories and feelings of the soul are conveyed through expressing a figure featuring exaggerated and obvious characteristics that portray their inner emotions. The disconsolate environment and haunting experiences were a key factor in creating the movement Expressionism in the early 20th century. Throughout this essay the artworks Roots by Kahlo, and The Scream by Munch, will be deconstructed in order to interpret, compare, analyse and draw conclusions to the artist’s intentions.

Socially rejected and alcohol addicted Munch was a Norwegian symbolic painter and printmaker born in 1863.
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Munch used an analogous colour scheme featuring complementary colours and predominately earthy colours. This is evident in the sky where the bright swirling orange complements the revealing stoke of teal blue. The texture portrayed appears to be smooth due to the soft swerved lines as compared to the rough appearance of the sea. The sea is created using analogous colours, which include deep greens, earthy greens, navy blue and sky blue that slightly contrasts with the hint of orange and beige. The sea is portrayed rough in texture, due to its scratchy appearance of the sky blue colour onto the navy blue underlay. Munch paints an androgynous figure, which is placed in the middle of the foreground, it is interpreted the figure is a representation of him. The figure is distorted; it has elongated arms, a skull like head and unrealistic circular eyes. His unrealistic circular eyes metaphorically represent his despair and confusion of where he belongs and what’s his purpose in life. Furthermore his skull like head is a symbol for death and mortality. The figure’s body is disproportioned, as the height of the figure is fairy short as compared to the elongated arms. The lengthened arms are representation of what society expects munch to achieve, however he feels despair and confusion, which leads him in thoughts of death and mortality. The vibrant colours of the background represent society, content and fulfilled. On the other hand Munch is represented as dark and gloomy figure whose mind is lost at sea. In the artwork it is visible that the figures body swerves the same direction as the choppy sea. The lines used are a combination or organic and geometric. Geometric lines are visible on the bridge and the deck, they also are responsible for movement protruding from the centre foreground and existing the left mid-ground. Where the bridge exists, there appears to be two

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