Educationlottery Essay

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The Education Lottery

Jacqueline Blue

Audra Harris
November 3, 2013

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The debate over the education lottery is an ongoing debate with supporters saying it is a big help to the economy and opponents saying it is still gambling and hurting the already poor people. There was a lot of controversy surrounding the decision to
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The North Carolina Lottery State Lottery Act was signed in 2005 by then Governor Mike Easley. There was an outline that specified how the money would be used. Revenue distributions would be distributed as follows: 50% paid out in prizes, 35% transferred into the education fund, 7% to be paid to the merchants who sold lottery tickets, and 8% cost of sales. [10]
The lottery proposal was approved on August 31. 2005 but the sales did not begin until March 30, 2006. The first ticket was sold in Raleigh to State Board of Education Chairman Howard Lee as a ceremonial sale. Scratch off tickets was the only things sold at first. It was sort of a wait and see thing, if these sales were good then they would try other instant win games. Power ball would not be available until May of that year.

The North Carolina Education Lottery has a website where the public can go and see where the funds are used. According to this website over 7 billion dollars has been raised for education over the past 7 years. While the overall numbers sound good, there still has been a short fall of money in the school systems. Many jobs have still been lost and programs have been cut. One problem came about when then Governor Beverly Perdue withheld money from the lottery to cover short falls in the North Carolina budget. She depleted the $50 million reserve and withheld $38 million from

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