Essay on Educational Therapy And Dyslexia Treatment

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Description 1: in San Francisco, CA provides efficient educational therapy and dyslexia treatment.

Description 2: offers help to students with ADD or other learning disabilities in San Francisco, CA.

Description 3: specializes in professional reading assistance to students in San Francisco, CA .


Meta Description: Call to obtain reliable assistance for students with dyslexia.

At in San Francisco, CA, I offer educational therapy for students with dyslexia and other learning disabilities. If your child has a learning disability that is affecting him or her, I am here to help. These challenges can affect a child 's self esteem and can even make school an unpleasant experience. Educational therapy combines education and therapeutic approaches for evaluation, remediation, and case management as well as communication and advocacy on behalf of children with learning disabilities.

As a certified educational therapist, I work with children from the ages of 5-13, and have a reputation for working with “students that achieve real success learning.” In addition to dyslexia, some of the learning disabilities I work with include visual processing problems, auditory processing problems, attention deficit disorders, and academic self esteem and/or poor motivation. I administrate tests and provide remediation techniques that guarantee to help you child achieve positive…

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