Educational System in France Essay

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The Reforms in the French Education System

DALY Peter

Dealing with the topic : "The French education System is elitist and in serious need of reform"

Thinking about learning as a repeated task along our lives does not necessarily means that it is an easy one. As well as with any another cultural construction, it is frequent to be imbued with the common sense and to think about education as a static and crystallized method among the passing years. It is a trend to consider teaching as if it has always been there and even, as if it has been sustaining certain continuity through the passing decades. Maybe this is the main reason that leads us to notice the most recognizable symptoms of
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Another important point discussed in terms of educational reforms is the content and the way education has been given through the years. In my opinion, French education has been ruled by "progressive education"3 and although the modern life and way of working really emphasizes a rapid adaptation into different work-teams and the right combination of skills, it is very important to remember that working in teams has more to do with cooperation than competition. In my opinion, the way teaching should be imparted is as a mixture of progressive and reconstructionist4 schooling. Since children not only must be prepared to perform an excellent role in team-works, but also have the ability to propose better solutions to his or her surrounding environment. Then education now a day must surpass the classroom and attend social needs in order to finish with the idea that those who are really privileged can continue ascending.

It is also important to consider a solution to overcapacity. Since universities lack of an enough infrastructure in order to attend the growing number of students willing to enter, while the Grandes Ècoles enjoy of an adequate ambience for selected students. Therefore, I consider that giving more autonomy to the universities should help diminish this constant problem allowing them to control their capacity and to balance the offer of courses with the number of students attending them.

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