Essay on Educational Psychology / School Psychology Program

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I would like to extend my sincerest thanks for taking your time to consider my candidacy for the Educational Psychology/School Psychology program at the University of Wisconsin. I have always been drawn to behavioral psychology, the phenomenon of learning, and educational processes. After discovering that I had a special talent for working with children and at-risk youth, I eagerly began my academic pursuit in elementary education. With ever-increasing learning demands, and limited time and resources, I quickly learned that inevitably some children fail to perform adequately among their peers. This reality came quite clear to me through my experience working and substitute teaching in a public elementary school. I took a special interest in a young girl who, despite her eager and inquisitive nature, fell further behind her peers daily. After realizing the severity of the problem, I arranged to volunteer my services leading a small group intervention for her and two of her friends to offer supplemental support and tutoring to increase their functional vocabulary, literacy, and critical thinking skills. This heartfelt experience brought me to the realization that I need to focus on the psychological aspects of learning and behavior in order to make the impact that I truly desire. This very special child elicited a life-changing experience, which turned my focus from classroom teaching to enacting change in different ways. Seeing children struggle to no avail is the reason I am…

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