Educational Psychology Christian School Case Study Essay

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Educational Psychology Christian School Case Study

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Educational Psychology Christian School Case Study
A Concise Account of A Classroom Scenario Describing the Student Behaviours and What the Teacher Responded To and Encouraged the Behaviours
In a classroom, students usually behave differently depending on different factors that have a contribution to their behaviours, be it good or bad. There are those who show much attention in class and are much focused on their studies. They usually show better performance in their class work as well as in the overall results of the exams done at the end of each semester. These students portraying good behaviours are
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At such times, their minds are usually diverted from what the teacher is trying to deliver to the students to thinking about the sweetness of what they are taking. Eating or drinking is not wrong, however, doing it at the wrong place and at an inappropriate makes it to be wrong.
Their dressing code is bad as they fail to tuck in their shirts and blouses. More so, they miss school ties whenever they are supposed to have them on. Their shoes lack shoe laces and stay for days without being polished. This makes them look untidy and one cannot emulate such a poor and indecent student’s lifestyle.
Their academic performance is poor day in day out. They never complete assignments and when finished they are usually copied from other students who are focused in their schoolwork. These students appear at the lower quarter of the class in all the examination. As they do not get time to read, many a times they are involved in cheating. This includes copying answers from the students seated next to them or carrying book or papers containing the information being examined in the test.
All these behaviours demonstrated by the students are it good or bad depends much on how the teacher responds to them. For the instance of the good students, the teacher acts as a major contributor to them. This is therefore an achievement to the teacher as the kind of behaviour portrayed by the students is what is

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