Educational Philosophy : Teaching Philosophy Essay

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Educational Philosophy

While education now has become far more political than it was intended to be with required testing, reading, merit-pay, and required lessons, there is still a great deal of room for teachers to implement their own teaching philosophy into their teachings.
From pre-school to high school, there are teachers who are taking creative liberties with their lesson plans that enhance their student’s learning experience. Each teacher incorporates their own personal missions statement to create productive and useful lesson plans for the students that allow the students to succeed in the classroom. In the beginning of the semester we were tasked with creating a mission statement that reflected us as teachers. My mission is to establish not only a connection with my students and their parents, but to foster and enhance their willingness and ability to learn. To do this, I will use the standards and curriculum given to create lessons that not only teach the required information for state and national testing, but to use the given information to allow students to create their own opinions about the material that helps them to understand their role in society and be successful in the future as well. An effective mission statement is meant to convey what a person, or organization, wants to accomplish in their job, and often their mission statement includes aspects of their teaching philosophy. I do believe that my mission statement includes and reflects my teaching…

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