Art Education Essay

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Intro: Art Education Philosophy

Ideas of Art Education, being the fantastic teacher and creating the perfect classroom are centered around one thing; the student. I believe art education is an essential for every child’s wholesome development because it encompasses tangibility, expression, interpretation, inquiry, diversity, and connections. In my classroom every student will be motivated, challenged, and think critically while feeling free to ask questions and make mistakes. Influenced by personal experiences the arts teach students how to make decisions and problem-solve which are key skills in today’s society.

My Role: A forever impact

My role is multifaceted; from a mentor, planner, role model, artist, inventor and educator, being
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They are learning how to treat and work with one another. My students are also exposed to broader ideas and can comfortably engage in discussion of opinions. The art making process enables my students to become thinkers and doers instead of followers, and they can apply this same framework to making positive actions and leaving their mark in society. My classroom cultivates active and informed learners that are engaged and alert to their surrounding distinguishing right from wrong. My role as the art teacher is to provide the students with content and it’s up to them to take my teachings with them and be agents of …show more content…
My goal is to not just teach the curriculum but rather develop a deeper knowledge that my students can hold on to for a life time through cultural and global integration. With that goal in mind, through each lesson I captivate their curiosity, get to know them, make lessons culturally exploratory, and relevant to the students. This enhancement gives a platform to the marginalized narratives and counterstories that all students deserve to learn about. It is essential that I explore their own stories and

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