Essay about Educational Opportunity For Magnet Schools

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Magnet schools are schools of choice that are part of the public school system. They were created for the purpose of reversing the de facto segregation that was happening in urban schools in the 1970s. The school and curriculum is often built around a theme. That theme may be a subject area like STEM or the arts or an emphasis on an educational program like the International Baccalaureate curriculum or the Advance Placement program. Magnet schools have no geographic boundaries for enrollment, and the school theme is supposed to encourage white suburban families to voluntarily enroll their children in an urban school that is farther from home because of the unique educational opportunity the magnet school presents1.
Magnet schools promote diversity as part of their original intent. Students, both minority racial groups and whites, who attend integrated schools benefit from that diversity1.
Integration has shown to have a positive effect on academic achievement levels of minority students2 and has no negative effect on the achievement level of non-minority students. Diversity also benefits students socially, because diversity of students equals diversity of perspectives. A diversity in student perspectives can lead to more varied classroom discussions and more creative problem-solving among students. Diversity in the classroom is also associated with decreased racial prejudice among students and a higher level of comfortability with students of…

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