Essay on Educational Opportunities Of Language Minority Students

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Would you be content with knowing that your past elementary or high teacher had a low level of education for early childhood teaching? The term, word gap, first discovered in the 1995 Hart and Risley study argued that lower socioeconomic status (SES) children are exposed to 30 million fewer words in comparison to children in affluent households. Implications of the study primed the development of education policies that directly shape educational opportunities of language minority students (Johnson, 2015). Measuring a child’s knowledge with so called techniques such as standardized assessments, word counting, or obtaining a child’s IQ score does everything but help these children develop linguistically. As parents play a vital role in early literacy skills learned, teachers of children and adolescence students also contribute to their language development. Students acquire knowledge based off of information that teachers have learned themselves through education. Teachers are one of the main sources of intellect and language development in children. However many teachers are poorly educated by educators who may also view their own culture as superior among other cultures (linguistically ethnocentric).
It is essential that school systems are cautious in making sure future teachers are being properly licensed to teach children. Meeting a certain standard for comprehension in reading, English, math and science is vital. A large percentage of this nation’s high school graduates…

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