Educational Needs Of Children Throughout The United Kingdom Essay

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The framework for providing for the educational needs of children throughout the United Kingdom (UK) is similar throughout Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and England; providing for appropriate special education services for those students who qualifying is similar as well. With a focus specifically on England, which occupies the southernmost region of the UK, this section of the paper will examine the policy framework, programs, and assessments of exceptional needs students through a comparative lens with that of similar structures and services throughout the United States. The United States collectively refers to the term Special Education as the educational services and programs needed by “students who have physical, cognitive, language, learning, sensory and/or emotional/disabilities” (Zigmond & Kloo, 2011), that require adaptations and/or modifications to access the general education curriculum. Throughout England, the broad term used to identify similar education services for students with disabilities is called Special Education Needs (SEN). Current education policy directed at students with disabilities is still relatively new in England when compared to that of the US.

Policy Framework England was roughly seventeen years behind the United States in implementing laws to support students requiring special provisions in education. In 1978, England set forth a framework for supporting students requiring…

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