Essay on Educational Needs For Children With Disabilities

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Education in America is a priority and raising the responsibility and efforts of the instructional setting is of high importance. The provision of appropriate educational needs for children with special disabilities has long been a standard issue in education (Huang, 2009). PL 42-124, the Education for All Individual Acts of 1975 was a foreseeable law that implied students with disabilities receive a Free Appropriate
Public Education (FAPE) suggested that students with disabilities need to be educated in the Least Restrictive Environment “LRE” (IDEA, 2011). The current controversy in special education amongst individual teachers, special educators, administrators, and parents is inclusion. However, along with the problems and debate of inclusion, another question deals with educating students using Common Core State Standards (CCSS). The purpose of this paper to identify if both inclusive models (push-in and full) lead to the success of students with disabilities and understand does the implementation of Common Core State Standards for students with disabilities meets their educational needs.
Inclusion Models
To understand the movement and the debate on inclusion one must know the history of integration. The early writings and works of Vygotsky from 1939-1945 discuss the term; “Defectology” which identifies the first understandings and the meaning of an inclusive setting and paved the making for accepting of “Inclusion” (Smagornisky, 2009). Today, the trend that has been…

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