Educational Leadership Case Study

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A Comparison of Leadership Practices Inventories Spanning Two Years
I am proud to say that I have been an educator for the past eight years. Throughout my experiences in the teaching profession, I have always had a strong desire to continue to learn and to grow professionally. Through personal research and professional development opportunities, it was clear to me that I had a desire to pursue educational leadership. It was this desire that lead to me enrolling in the Educational Leadership Masters program through City University of Seattle (CityU).
A requirement of the Educational Leadership program was to create an inventory of my attributes as a leader and also obtain survey information from colleagues regarding their perspectives of
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The focus of my teaching assignment was instructing Music but also Mechanics, Fabrication and Carpentry courses which are organized within the category of Career and Technology Studies (CTS).CTS courses are made up of modules that relate to occupations with broad industry commonalities and include Business, Health, Media and trades relating to manufacturing and transportation. Outside of regular class time, I was the curriculum and instructional leader for the CTS department.
As a result of my teaching assignment and the location of where I teach in the building, I was somewhat isolated from many of my colleagues. Working within the CTS department meant that there was only two other teachers in the building who taught similar courses as I did and during staff collaboration, we were always separated into groups by subject areas. Additionally, the CTS wing where I teach is segregated from the rest of the school and other than occasionally running into colleagues in the photocopying room, I had very little contact with the majority of teachers in the
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During the time between the two surveys, I had applied for a position as a Vice-Principal at another school and when I was not selected for the position, I was given feedback that I needed to broaden the subject areas that I was familiar with in order to be a more attractive candidate for the next time I applied for an administrative position. I was also told that I needed to take on more leadership roles in my building. Fortunately a new high school opened in a neighbouring town which resulted in a significant decline in our school’s enrolment,several teachers being transferred to other schools and changes to the timetables of many of the remaining teachers. I took this opportunity to teach courses outside of the CTS strands and for the new school year in 2015, I took on teaching English Language Arts in addition to the Fabrication and Mechanics courses that I was accustomed

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