Instructional Leader Role

A. Role of Instructional Leader
Our school principal takes her role as the instructional leader very seriously. She state the following “I view the role of instructional leader as my primary job, after safety”. (Kimberly Schaefer, personal communication interview, 2016) The administrator at our educational institution is very detailed oriented and organized to the point that her institution has to be a tightly coupled organization which she can closely manage and monitor the work force. She has taken an active role in classroom observations to evaluate overall curriculum being taught by all subjects and all educators. She is in our classrooms multiple times throughout the week and provides viable face to face feedback on instructional
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In addition, I try to determine individual next steps for each teacher in order to help each person grow and develop at their own pace”. (Kimberly Schaefer, personal communication interview, 2016) The research shows that most administrators take a hands-off approach to curriculum taught in the classroom and their focus is devoted elsewhere. However, our school principal takes her role as an educational leader at our institution to the next level. She tries to help teachers deliver the best lessons possible and provide them with the resources necessary to accomplish this task. “I watch for teaching strategies, best practices, and resources in order to get these into the hands of teachers. I want to help teachers deliver the best lessons possible and I think I can help this get accomplished by improving my own teaching skills”. (Kimberly Schaefer, personal communication interview, 2016) I feel that our principal’s approach to monitoring the curriculum closely to be extremely …show more content…
The teacher should decide what are the most important curriculum areas that the students need to know to be successful in the classroom and to implement throughout their lives to help them be successful. After the interview with our school principal and reading a couple of articles, I have had a change of thought. I now know that as an instructional leader it is extremely important to observe teachers and gain insight to what is being taught and how is it being taught to students to produce the best possible student learning outcomes on benchmark assessment. I have gained a lot more insight on what can and should be closely monitored in the work force and what is virtually impossible to monitor in the work force. I want to be the instructional leader that observes educators and provides the best possible face to face feedback necessary to improve lesson delivery that is highly effective for student learning outcomes. I want to be able to help educators improve their instructional practices through monitoring those things that need to be monitored closely to provide the best results and learn to let things that I can’t control take care of themselves for the most

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