Analysis Of Mike Rose's Lives On The Boundary

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In the memoir, Lives on the Boundary, Mike Rose depicts some of the educational issues that he experiences and even went through as a child. Some of the issues that are mentioned in his memoir are issues that are seen worldwide. There are many different themes that can be interpreted or taken from his book. Despite someone’s background, with a little support, and some motivation, anyone can become anything they want to be.
During his childhood, Rose’s parents decided to move from another country to California in hopes of giving their son a better life. Despite the little money they had, his parents found a home where the three of them would live. He grew up in a bad neighborhood in South L.A. Despite being in an area of violence he managed
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His teachers wanted him to succeed and by giving him the assistance he needed, got him on the right path for his future. He embraced his struggles and he was inspired to help others. He states, “Once you start to think about underprepared students in terms of these overlapping problem areas, all sorts of solutions present themselves”(193). So many schools might brush off who might not be doing the best in school. Mike Rose was someone who was placed in lower classes because of a mix up in test scores. Thankfully, a teacher noticed that he was excelling in a subject and brought it to someone 's attention. After that he was placed in higher classes however, he was struggling. Rose knows what it was to struggle and thankfully had teachers who cared who helped him and made him the person he is today. If teachers actually wanted to make a difference in students lives and were not only there for a job they would truly impact students.
To conclude, I believe a theme that could be interpreted from this book was that if students truly want to and with a little help, they could be anything they want to be. Mike Rose came from another country and was moved to a bad neighborhood in LA. With a little help from different teachers he found a passion in his English subject. He soon took that passion and decided to pursue a career as a teacher. He was grateful for the help he got during his childhood so he wanted to make sure he could do the same for others that struggled like

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