Educational Goals In The Art Institute

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I aspire to be a photojournalist, I chose the Art Institute as my place of education because of my short experience in this location during a summer workshop I attended one summer while still in high school. This school exceeded my expectations regarding classroom size, teaching style and overall presentation.I believe this institute will help me achieve my educational goals as well as fulfill my life goals. I plan to fully immerse myself in studying photography, it is a passion I have had for a long time and despite my trial and error with conventional schooling, I realized that this was the place for me. I chose to reach out to my dream of being a photojournalist because of my passion to capture humanity and it 's essence. With a degree …show more content…
I have also looked into different fields of work I could also put myself into with a media arts degree, I have looked at internships I could take as well as part-time jobs which will help with my experience. With all this, I hope that five years from now I 'll be proud to say I 'm an Art Institute graduate and be on my way to live my dreams as a photojournalist. Even further down the line I hope to be working for a major magazine or publication, I expect to be successful in my area of study, sharing my education and talent with the world. I seek to make those who always believed in me proud, my mentors who are many very much influenced in my decision by allowing me opportunities to demonstrate my talent and to fulfill my passion. Education in itself is a challenge, it requires a lot of hard work and determination and most of all …show more content…
Some challenges with my career goal maybe financial, I don 't come from the most privileged lifestyle but I will definitely overcome my financial issues with hard work. My main support system is my family, they support any decision I make as long as it is something that will bring me fulfillment, they also would not hesitate in supporting me financially if the need ever arose. Education has always been a focus point in my family and childhood, I value education because I 've personally seen it open doors, and bring success and happiness to various individuals, whether it be family or friends, I 've heard more people than I can count give all the credit to their education for their happiness and success in life. My grandmother always repeated a saying to me "A woman without education is much like a flower with no perfume." She taught me to grow and to fulfill my dreams and to always keep

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