Educational Disparities : Education And Healthcare Essay

896 Words May 11th, 2015 4 Pages
When it comes to addressing disparities in the United States, people tend to think of each issue separately. It is easy to get overwhelmed with the racial issues that revolve around today’s society. Educational disparities occur because minority students tend to live in impoverished neighborhoods where schools are not as good and families do not have the money to pay for college. Health care disparities occur because there are no clinics or doctors in impoverished areas willing to help. However, these issues can be addressed by using an intervention that connects multiple issues and fixes disparities in each area. In fact, interventions that improve one issue will naturally improve others since the problems have become so complex and intertwined. In this paper I will argue that promoting health professions among underserved high school teens, and having programs to support them through high school, will eventually improve racial differences in education and healthcare. Whenever any type of issues comes up, education is the first approach to that issue. In order to address education and healthcare disparities a similar approach is needed. Underserved U.S. high schools need precollege programs to support their students through their high school and college career, especially for students who intend to work as healthcare professionals. This program is a school organization in underserved high schools where students meet once or twice a week. It will consist of high schools…

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