Educational Disadvantages Of Students With Physical And Mental Disabilities

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Educational disadvantage can be explained as a situation whereby individual in society perform less advantaged from the education environment than their peers. The Educational disadvantages exist in Australia educational system. Educational disadvantages occur in many forms. The groups of educationally disadvantaged students are Aboriginal students students with disabilities, students are limited English language proficiency, students with socioeconomic backgrounds, and students in regional, rural and remote areas. It is essential to understand the situation of disadvantaged students to provide effective approaches to help these students. This may leads the positive consequences to the society. The increasing of students’ qualifications will fulfill the demands of society in employment, and these approaches aim to decrease the burdens of welfares for government and taxpayers.

This essay will argue about educational disadvantages focuses on students with physical and mental disabilities. Students with disabilities experience educational disadvantages such as schooling funds, the low percentages of graduation and the effects of the inclusive special need education (Chindindi, 2011). The poor performance in school of disabled students directly affects their careers opportunities for people who quit school with disabilities. Disability Support Pension will be funded greater than other benefits in the welfare system. Therefore, the reform in this area is educational as well as…

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