Educational Case Study Essay examples

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Key Factors

Madisonville has one of the top high schools in the state but this case takes place at one of the feeder junior high schools, Deerfield Junior High. One of Deerfield’s beloved math teachers, Ms. Wright has taken a one year leave and her position is being filled by Clay Rutledge. For Clay, this will be his first teaching assignment and although he was expecting to teach high school, he is not worried about teaching junior high school students.

As Clay starts the school year, he is excited about the opportunity and is impressed with the faculty at Deerfield and even makes a resolution to be an asset to the Deerfield faculty. Unfortunately, only a few weeks after the start of the school year, Clay becomes aware that
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For those students who need more help with math, it is clear that Clay’s strategies are not helping to improve how they interact with math and if anything they are feeling less confident every day. Even when they express their concerns to Clay, he does not respond with any helpful ideas and so the students continue their downward spiral of hopelessness. For students who are attending a feeder school to prestigious high school, to be told that you aren’t good at something only produces worry and anxiety as there is a lot of pressure to succeed.

It is important that parents be engaged with their children’s education and these parents are concerned not only with their children’s grade but the anxiety they are feeling. By first meeting with Clay they show respect for him and his position as the teacher, but when they don’t feel that he has any ideas or solutions, they elevate the issue to the Principal.

Not only is Ms. Cole the Principal, but she has teaching experience and is very up to date with different teaching methodologies and strategies. Even when parents elevated their concerns, other than meeting with Clay, she does not help him to devise a plan to help him develop the right set of strategies to engage his students and to make sure their reach their potential. Since Ms. Wright will be back next year, it appears that Ms. Cole doesn’t want to put the effort

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