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Strategies for Supporting Young Writer and English Language Learners
Sandra Williams
EDU675 Change Leadership for Differentiated Educational Environment
Professor: Dr. Regina Miller
June 3, 2010


Children who start preschool programs are identified as young learners. They enter a formal schooling with different levels of knowledge about writing. Many students are exposed to write daily by observing family members writing lists, typing sentences on the computer, or doing homework. Some students may know less about why or how others may write. However, regardless of their level of knowledge many young students benefit from having their own personal stories written down to share with other students’. Teachers
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Teachers who are taking dictation should write the students’ words as they are spoken, including dialect and vocabulary (Morrow, 2005). By during this, the spoken language is preserved and aids developing readers when they attempt to go back and read what they had written. Using quotation marks will show other students that dictation was taken verbatim. This is a strategy that works very well for older students who are English Language learners, because these students are creating their own text to read about what they are familiar with. When English Language learners tell their stories using English along with their home language, their English language skills will grow (Gunning, 2003). Students’ will gain ownership of their story and their language by illustrating the story after hearing it.

During a school day, teachers can gather up pencils and papers for the students to take dictation in many contexts, embracing unarranged and prearranged functions. Young students enter school with life experiences that they are eager to share with others. Teachers can arrange accurate times to take student’s dictation. Arranged dictation can take place every morning when students are constructing Morning Messages, which is a great opportunity for teachers to write; writing the students’ names beside their speeches. Since the text is produced by the students, which make it easier for each student to assess what was

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