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Ponton, Freddy EDF3210 TR # 3: Ogbu
Grounding Conceptual Framework: John Ogbu theory is on the academic work of minorities who are located within the American societies. Ogbu was greatly disappointed that researcher have, based a study into why minorities are not successful because of a resistance to succeeding. Resistance Culture is the “beliefs of refusing to adapt to the behavior and attitudes of the majority culture” (Woolfolk, 201). The academic achievement of the American minority, Ogbu saw depended on what kind of minority you happened to be. Ogbu was able to distinguish between the groups and he was able to categorize the minority groups. Autonomous, immigrant and caste-like minorities is how Ogbu categorized the minority
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This is why the involuntary groups have become so much more rebellious and choose to be more conforming to their culture then to the norm.
Instructional Recommendations for Teachers: In the classroom today teachers face difficult situations, especially over-crowded classrooms. The over-crowded classroom only seems to be in those societies that have a major amount of involuntary minority students. An understanding into Ogbu’s Cultural Theory can help a teacher motivate and inspire the classroom. The minorities are not going to be willing participants especially if the teacher is of the dominant society. In middle school, the necessity to bring in inspirational material into the classroom can help the teacher bridge the gap into having a successful school year. Give the student to opportunity voice their opinions and not become the authority will easy there understanding to a dominant society. Organization in the classroom can also help with respect to student becoming involved and engaged to each other. The students can work with each other to analyze a problem and then effectively come up with a solution.
Instructional Recommendations for Parents: Parents who believe to have been put down because of their society can easily see teacher as another person who can continue the trend. If you are of the dominant society, can way a stressful cloud into the desire to be a successful teacher. Giving parents the chance to

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