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Institutional cost and its implications for educational development

(M.phil Education (2014-16))

Before discussing the concept of cost of education, it is necessary to distinguish between the terms, ‘expenditure’ on education and ‘costs’ of education which are often synonymously used. That part of expenditure which has some relationship with the production process and the output only can be referred to as costs. A major part of costs are a part of expenditure but not vice versa. While costs can include imputed items like opportunity costs, generally expenditure does not include such things. Further expenditure can be expressed only in monetary terms, while costs can be expressed in monetary as well as in real or
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Besides they are also used for making inter-regional, inter- group, and inter-level comparisons in education.

In India, right from Woods Despatch in 1854 to Kothari Commission Report (1964 – 1966) and not forgetting the Dr. Radhakrishnan’s report in 1948, all the commissions emphasized the need for qualitative improvement at the secondary stage of education. All of them felt that secondary education is the weakest link in our educational system because of the lack of facilities available for teaching, lower quality of school administration, examination and evaluation system etc. Also steady increase in expenditure on education has already become a problem to the government which faces severe financial constraints. The demand for education grows at a high rate of growth on one hand, and resources that would be available may not grow at the same rate of growth as the other. In fact, as predicted by several economists like Philip Coombs, (1968), the proportion of resources for education would decline over the years. The state government finds it difficult to divert more of its revenue resources towards development of education. The government is hard pressed since there is multitude of demands competing with education for the scarce government resources. Given the total amount of resources available for education, the

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