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Module Code & Title:ed1045The Language of Multilingual Communities | Student Number:U1214407 | Date Due: | Assessment Word Count:2000 +/- 10% | Actual Word Count:1835 | Please reflect on your experiences in carrying out this assignment and complete the statements below. 1. In the process of doing the assignment I learned how to phrase questions to the informant and how to analyse the information given. | 2. What I found most difficult was maintain academic structure. | 3. I think the strength of this submission is the research done to gain an insight into the experiences of multilingual individuals. | 4. Feed forward – in future I will focus on the following areas in order to progress… | 5. What are you …show more content…
I have actually done what I have ticked as being complete | | My name does not appear in my work. | | I have put my student number in the Header on each page. | | I have numbered each page in Footer. | | I have line-spaced at 1.5 and used font size 12. | | I have ensured that every author I mention in text appears in my reference list. | | My reference list is set out according to the ED1000 guidelines and Pears and Shields Cite them right (2010). | | I have put all in-text citations in (single) quotation marks and stated their origin including page reference. | | I have acknowledged all sources of information that I have used. | | Any appendices are placed after the main body of my writing. | | I have kept a backup copy of my work. | | I have included proof of completion of the end of module survey. | |

Narrative account of Multilingual Informant Safeera
Effective communication requires language use and in many countries more than one language is spoken (Mooney 2011).In this essay the author aims to discuss the language and practises of a multilingual speaker in relation to their local community.
The author has carried out a narrative account on a multilingual mother (Safeera) who was born and rose in Pakistan. The research focused

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