Education Will Change Our Behavior Essay

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Education Will Change Our Behavior Imagine a blond hair kid with big teeth and enormous glasses that seem to engulf his entire face, sitting crossed legged surrounded by other kids on a carpet. Those children were learning about African Natives and how some of those people lived in poverty, coupled by malnutrition and the epidemic HIV virus that plagued the country. The year was 1987 and that blond haired kid was me. Thinking about it now I can still remember the details as I sat in awe, listening to what our teacher was describing to us. For me this description was surreal. How can anyone be subject to such neglect but yet continue to live their life unaware of their diminished freedoms. Now at thirty five years old, I have a greater understanding of world to which we live in. People live their lives by the way they have been taught. Parenting, upbringing, schools, and society all help establish the behavioral traits that we exhibit in our daily lives. As the world continues to change, and there are many challenges we face requiring address. One of these challenges is in the view of global sustainability. Sustainability of our world’s resources requires changes in our behavior. But to change our actions in order to meet these challenges head on we will need to be educated. Education plays a vital role into the development of all solutions. Solutions are created by action and action is learned behavior. In her work “Despair Not” Sandra Steingraber list…

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