Essay about Education : Why Students Need More

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Vocational Education: Why Students Need More
Jhone P. Daenen
Western Governors University
WGU Student ID #000569522

Vocational Education: Why Students Need More
Over the years, high schools have evolved in their thinking of what type(s) of curriculum students may require in order to pursue their future career goals. In the past, the general consensus was to include both academic courses along with vocational classes (i.e. wood shop, home economics, typing). Then, for a time, public education chose to divide student populations into two groups: college-bound and career bound. Those students who were not academically inclined per se, were relegated to the vocational “track” and were assumed not to be a good candidate for college. More recently, the goal of educators has been to reverse course on their assumption that a student who was not academically inclined could not go to college - the end result being to force all students into a college bound track (the exception being special education). However, many educators now feel it is time to reconsider these goals again and bring back vocational curriculum into the educational mix. High school academic, knowledge and skills should include vocational instruction because the lack of such has resulted in career demographic deficits, non-skilled graduates earning less attractive wages than skilled workers and the absence of vocational skills may have a detrimental effect on the economy. With the focus currently being on…

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