Education : Which Method Is Better? Essay example

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Education: Which method is better?
One of the biggest decisions a parent has to make for their child is what method of education will benefit their child the most. Some parents think that their child will learn the most if they teach them themselves, but other parents are either working, or know that they do not have the ability to teach their child. Because students spend a good amount of time in school, it is extremely important for parents to choose a method of education that fits their child best. Some people believe that homeschooling is better because they are in control of what their child learns, and others believe that public schooling is better because it allows their child to expand as a person and be in the world without their parents. Public schooling is more beneficial for students than homeschool because students get to work and socialize with different people. To understand the contrast between the two, it is necessary to first know why public schooling is so constructive for a student. Even though some people will believe otherwise, it is also important to know the perks of homeschooling, followed by statistics on both methods.
Public schooling is very beneficial for students who work well with other people and thrive off of other student’s ideas. Things such as group projects, different teaching structures, and even class discussions alone can impact a student’s learning experience by listening to others’ judgements. According to a website by the name of…

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