Education Vs. Subject School Essay

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Researched Schools VS. Subject School
Walter’s Elementary directly reflected the current research on the issue of discipline with regards to top disciplinary issues as well as the overrepresentation of African Americans in discipline data. Hispanics however were also overrepresented in their data which is contrasting to Walter’s Elementary. The Hispanic population percentages of the study body were also drastically higher at Tucson Unified Schools.
Personal Perspective: Greatest Issue in School Discipline Today
The most prevalent issue in school discipline today is insubordination/disorderly conduct. These issues are most often addressed by dispensing in or out-of-school suspensions. Suspensions remove students from the learning environment and in turn are a detriment to the educational system. Zero tolerance policies which have been adopted by most public high schools “have dramatically increased the number of students put out of school for disciplinary purposes, and may be accelerating student contact with law enforcement” (Skiba, p. 27). It is one of the most popular discipline efforts in the country (Gregory & Cornell, p. 106).

The high rate at which suspensions and expulsions are inconsistent only aggravates the issue (Skiba p. 27). These common methods of consequences have yet to be proven as effective. According to the American Psychological Association (2008) no proof that suspension or expulsion improves behavior of students is available.
Daniel Losen outlines what…

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