Essay on Education Vs. Secondary Education

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Vocational Education vs. Secondary Education In recent years, vocational education is becoming a debate of great significance for the future of American education. In a growing global economy, people think it is most important to obtain a college degree. Consequently, if everyone went to College to become an engineer than we wouldn’t have anyone becoming Doctors. In my opinion, Vocational Education is significant is for the reason that it would provide a beneficial alternative for students who couldn’t afford college to obtain a higher quality job. Therefore, the reason I believe Vocational Education is significant is in today’s world, there are several students who can’t afford college and turn working for minimum wage in a career. I believe that if Vocational Education is established, with the traditional post-secondary education, the number of adult age minimum wage workers would plummet. In this Essay, there are several reasons mentioned in support of Vocational Education. However, I will not criticize on traditional post-secondary education. Vocational Education could be a possible alternative of going to a post-secondary educational institution. In today’s society college is becoming drastically more expensive. In 2013, the quantity of high school graduates going to college was only 65.9%, the lowest in decades (College Enrollment 1). One reason to explain this, is it seems that fewer people are attending college since they simply can’t afford it. With the rate…

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