Education Vs Homeschooling

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Good education is the main sign to predict the human success in the future. High quality education is defined by many significant factors such as, the flexibility of choosing curriculums and it is the suitable choice for disabilities. all of the previous components are important to create successful and professional student in his future job and life.

According to “exploring academic success of homeschooled students”Cogan,M F(2010) said,” homeschooling is a type of education which typically occurs in the home with the child’s parent or guardian serving as the primary educator.”

I believe that homeschooling became better choice than traditional whether public or private schools in the United States. For two reasons: the flexibility
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So that, a disability student most of the time prefer to be home educated to be in his comfortable climate that can helps him to study better where everything he wants is available the flexible time and the

Many parents think that traditional schools are still better option for their children, and that because of the socializing issue. They think that their children will not become a socializing as their peers in the traditional schools and homeschools may have a negative impact on their children personalities on the long run.
In the article “homeschooling” Kate McReynolds (2007) said, “The stereotype of the isolated, misfit homeschooler is giving way as, in growing numbers, homeschoolers make the world their classroom. It appears that homeschoolers spend more time in their communities and have meaningful interactions with a wider vari- ety of people than traditionally schooled children typ- ically do.” (pg40) Based on many recent researches and studies, homeschooled students do not face any problem in socializing, and they have a good social live as the students in the public or private
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. . evaluated the communication skills, socialization, and daily living skills of public school and homeschooled students and found that the homeschooled students were significantly better socialized and more mature than their public school counterparts” (Romanowski 126). Ray and Romanowski are pertaining to the fact that not only is the idea of homeschoolers being un-socialized wrong, but that homeschoolers have been tested to have better socialization skills than children found in public schools. In other words, despite the fact of supposedly being secluded from the world, on average, homeschoolers perform better in social interactions than those who attend a public school.” (pg

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