Essay about Education : The Nature Of Education

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I’m writing this assignment not because of the grade but because I want to develop my thought and idea’s about the nature of education. Education should be place in the line of measure to determine how well a student is doing by looking more at their effort in their educational work and how to improve it instead of just grading them on how they are doing on a test. A lot of people are not good test takers, there are students that may know the class material very well but whenever they get in a test room they tend to forget things and not do well on a test. It’s the responsibility of teachers to teach and also make sure students understand what’s going on in the classroom and it should also be the responsibility of students to absorb the lesson and ask the teacher questions. There are student now of day that are more focus on getting the grade and not actually learning and understanding the material and I don’t think education should focus more about getting the grades.
Weimer, Maryellen, PhD. "Should Effort Count? Students Certainly Think So." Faculty Focus. N.p., 11 Apr. 2012. Web. 11 Nov. 2015.
According to recent studies most students suggested that effort should be about 61 percent of total grade given by teachers and the performance should about 39 percent of the total grade. Teachers disagree and think that 17 percent of total grade should be based on the effort of the students. According to Doctor Maryellen Weimer “I suppose if it’s the course grade, and effort is…

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