Education System Failure

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As of late 2014, America had been ranked fourteenth in education in the world. A far cry from the number one rank most Americans are used to being proud off. Due to the fact that we are now a far cry of thirteen from the top spot, many are beginning to see our education system as a failure. The reality of the situation is that the quality of the American education system is unknown. With forty-eight million students in the public school system and forty-nine of parents thinking there is too much standardized testing, no one is willing to give the extensive tests to all the students in order to get a true measure. With all of the unknown, the question of how the notion of the education system failing is raised, and if there are examples of its …show more content…
America is the only country in the world that offers all children the right to a free high quality education system. The United States teaches all children, despite learning disabilities, economic status, or those who do not speak english. In most other countries parents are forced to sacrifice everything to send children to private schools, so they can get high quality education, whereas in the United States, such a large sacrifice is not needed from parents. ("Why America Is Home to the World’s Best Education System.", For decades American students have been warned about the decrease in American greatness, a fall from the power of being a world power, in science or invention. Contradictory to the warnings, America is still a large power within industry and innovation, the country continues to be great. The large gap in test scores between the United States and other countries, can also be seen as an illusion. The American country, and education system is the most diverse in the world. However, when split up by race, the gap in test scores disappears, white student scores top most europeans, Asian students’ scores top most students within Asia, and so on and so forth, even within inner city schools that usually do worse than others in America. This leads to the conclusion that the gap may be due to more than the education system. ("America 's Education System Isn 't Broken | FrontPage Magazine.", The American education system cannot take the place of what else may be lacking in students’ lives. It cannot take the place of a family, nor the outside pressure it provides. Despite the fact that it is frowned upon, sometimes the blame may even fall upon the child themselves, the motivation and instruction must be provided by schools, but the children must also be accountable for the work. The United States’ education system also has the

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