Education, Schooling, And Schooling The World Directed By Carol Black

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Growing up as Americans, we are encouraged to go to school and achieve a higher education. As other’s see the American culture; “American’s” have all the name brands, the flashy jewelry and mansions, luxurious cars; well, we need to make masses of money. Thus, if you take what is viewed as the “normal route”, the more educational background you have, the more money you will make. Working our way back from generation to generation- education shows indication of decline. Education wasn’t forced or emphasized as much in our previous generations as we see it in our generation. Some cultures view education as a negative influence for its effects on their family structure and the “overt goal is to destroy their life” (Black, Schooling the World film).
In our latest assignment a film by Carol Black called, “Schooling the World”, it took place in Ladakh, India. This film took a view on education in a whole other light that Americans aren’t used to in this kind of influence. The film shined on education’s faults and didn’t speak highly of its potentials for the people of India. The ladies in the film that were being interviewed brought up tradition, values, and emphasized education for being “material success”. The development of western education has taught, not only the people of India that education will make you tons of money to be able to afford all the material possessions we admire, but gives them false hope in living the “American dream”. The modern schooling has the…

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