Essay on Education Requirements For College Students

753 Words Feb 12th, 2016 4 Pages
Most students unanimously bemoan having to take general education courses, however general education requirements provide a wide array of benefits for students. If colleges decided to abolish general education, undecided students would be coerced in selecting a major prior to attending college, and students who decide to change their major during college would have to start their degree requirements from scratch. Students in need of remediation would have no means of gaining university eligibility if colleges only offered degree specific courses at their institutions. Furthermore, most majors require prerequisite knowledge of basic concepts in either Math, Science, English, and the Social Sciences. Omitting general education courses from college would only benefit the highest performing college students, while displacing a large percentage of students and the entire community college system. If colleges and universities removed general education requirements, students would be forced into selecting a major prior to enrollment. In fact, today students undecided on their educational goals can still attend a university and later select their major after completing their general education requirements. For instance, eliminating general education would require high school seniors to decide on a major before they can enroll into college. Lastly, removing general education from college would force many students into selecting a major that they may not excel in. Another aspect…

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