Essay on Education Philosophy And The Classroom

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The set of related beliefs behind a teacher in an institution of learning is what Education philosophy refers to as it influences the manner in which learners are taught. Education philosophy embodies solutions to the questions behind the purpose of teaching, what needs to be taught and through which methods as well as the role of the teacher in the classroom. It distinctly outlines the beliefs of a teacher’s standards of management with reference to his or her teaching related positions, for instance, how the ability and the knowledge of learners are improved adequately as well as the teacher’s role in the world around them (Educational Philosophy and Theory, 2012). Correspondingly, it blends the principles of proficient development, self-criticism and self-awareness. As such, I intend to discuss my education of philosophy in this paper.
I hold a major belief that education is so unique and so individual to every learner who comes into my class and as such, my duty as a teacher, is to provide each of my learners with an empowering and exceptional educational environment where they may develop collectively, inwardly, objectively, and rationally. It’s therefore my responsibility to create such an environment where learners are able to maximize their capacities and realize their potentials. As Newman, Fielstein, & Phelps, (2013) states it, such a classroom environment is characterized by “children’s emotions and convictions, alongside the practices that originate from them,…

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