Education Of The Future : Education Essay

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Education of the Future Education has changed towards using more technology in classrooms. Some schools have given children I-pads to use during the time they are school. Students with disabilities have learned better with the 1:1 I-pad program that has been implemented in schools. Title One schools in Jefferson County have received funds to purchase I-pads for every student. Learning technology in school could open doors for students to attend college after high school. This is a good thing because it creates the pathway to seek higher education after high school. It gives students that drive to want to learn more and to continue learning. The changes in technology help with science and math they teach in today’s classroom. Senta Raizen states this in his article “Making Way for Technology Education.” Education is working with the needs of students due to the change in the digital world. With the world going digital, students will use technology in some way some time during their school and career. Why not start using it in the classroom? They can learn technology a whole lot quicker than when they get out in the world as adults. Some students may not have access to technology outside of school. This will give students the knowledge to implement the use of technology they learn in school. Raizen states how technology has ties to science and math. Many science teachers use devices to demonstrate how scientific principles work. Raizen goes over the eight…

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