Education Of The Arts, Important, But Not Paramount Essay

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Summary and Response to Education of the arts, important, but not paramount Education is most likely one of the strongest and most reliable devices for the provocation of continuation amongst a developing society. Education acts in a way like a failsafe, reassuring the next generation will at least prosper if not live a better or easier life than the past generation. The influence of education is substantial, but a free education is boundless. Free education is oblivious to income, the poorest man and the richest are on equal footing. A free education provides a person with the means to change their socioeconomic status with hard work alone. Education is extremely important because of the impact it plays in society. It’s because of this wide-reaching impact that makes it a very controversial issue and the topic of much debate. Those who disagree on education often do so very strongly. One topic that has found its way to the forefront of the education debate is whether the arts should be a main focus in education or not. The arts are certainly important in education and teach many lessons that a liberal education is based upon. Although I agree that the arts are an important part in getting a well-rounded education, I believe that education should focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. In the article titled Education of the arts, important, but not paramount, Neda Ghomeshi describes her position on the arts and the role they play in education. The…

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