Essay about Education : Kenya And Solutions For The Problem

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This paper examines three published articles that report on statistics from research and personal experience in Kenya on behalf of the authors. The articles focus on different concerns about education in Kenya and solutions for the problem. Mulongo (2013) focuses on the inequality in Kenya starting with access to education. Kremer, Brannen and Glennerster (2013) focus on the quality of education in Kenya, what their results from evaluations show, and how the problem can be improved. Stern (2013) agrees that the quality of education in Kenya needs to change and his solution is technology and statistics education. This paper examines Kremer et al.’s (2013), Mulongo (2013), and Stern’s (2013) research that should be studied in order to understand the quality of education that children in Kenya have access to and are receiving. Keywords: Kenya, School, Education, Statistics

Education for Children in Underdeveloped
Countries: Kenya Statistics on the quality of education in underdeveloped countries such as Kenya are reported every few years by multiple sources. Most reports include diagrams and report on the number of enrolled male and females, school improvements correlating to test scores, poverty levels per county, and the benefits of Kenyans attending a University and earning a degree. The quality of education in Kenya needs to improve, however, the inequality of access to education is a larger issue. Inequalities in Kenya exist in many areas starting with…

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