Education Is Worth The Cost Essay

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Boetcher, 5U.S. (50%) ‘strongly agree’ that their undergraduate education was worth the cost” (Crabtree,Steve). Students who disagree with college costs did not prepare for the expenses. Lack ofpreparation is a contributor to negative views on college costs, but other unexpected twist canalso occur for those who are preparing, such as being robbed or a contributing family memberlosing a job.Kimberly Foss, for example, is an adviser who understands how the worst of financialstudent debt is created. She has mentioned how she had heard a family at a coffee shopdiscussing how they were going to get their son into college. They searched for top colleges, andprepared the son throughout high school for his college years by described many great SATtutors and sport camps. However, like many other families, how they were going to pay for thecollege expenses slipped through their minds. Foss already knew that their son was going togrow to dislike college upon hearing that piece of news. Their son would have trouble keepingup with all of the bills. It got more dramatic when Foss said that she heard the families’ husbandhad been laid off of work for a year. Being laid off was an unexpected twist that wouldnegatively impact the son’s chances in college, but the family were oblivious to how large thatimpact would be. They already knew that they would not qualify for financial aid, so theydecided that they were just going to take out a loan for the year-a decision that made Foss standon…

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