Education Is The Root For Success Essay

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Education is the root to success. Cathy Davidson states, “Since 1975, American educational attainment has leveled off or even dropped.” (58). So education should not stagnate because the world is ever changing so it must evolve and adapt. It needs to keep changing to keep up with the current needs and technology so it can educate students about skills that will be useful to them rather than outdated ones. Also education should not only be focused on math and science subjects but rather the whole spectrum of subjects ranging from classical dancing to modern art. Education needs to change the one-size-fits-all model because it narrows the spectrum to skills which society values and the kids with talents and skills outside of the spectrum are labeled as failures. For example, if a student cannot perform well on the math and science standardized exams, he will be labeled as a failure while his true talents might be in the arts. An approach that changes the way of education so students can be fully engaged in subjects which interest them while learning skills which will serve a real purpose will help students thrive in today’s society by allowing them to get jobs which cannot be replicated or outsourced. Students need to be learning skills, which cannot be replicated by technology such as problem solving skills, and “outside of the box” skills and interpersonal skills.
Technology needs to be incorporated into today’s education system. Not only things such as overhead projectors…

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